‘Education Elevated’

The 2018 Moreno Valley High School graduating class. Since 2014, this charter school in Angel Fire consistently had a higher AP score than the state of New Mexico and globally. Submitted photo

Perhaps this sounds like a catchphrase, but the data speaks for itself. Our tagline is “Education Elevated” because this school community reaches for the stars in the beautiful Sangre de Christo Mountains of Angel Fire. Advanced Placement courses and tests, created by the College Board, are designed to prepare students for college through rigorous coursework, depth of knowledge and critical thinking practice. Most universities count a score of three or higher toward college credit. Moreno Valley High School students consistently perform well above the state and compete on the global scale.

How is this possible in such a small, rural area of New Mexico? The answer is Paideia. At MVHS, Paideia is the standard through which we learn, grow and discover. The Paideia methodology champions the voice of the student, while teachers assume the role of coach, guiding each student’s journey to lifelong learning.

As a community of learners, teachers and students’ thoughts are challenged, refined through a deep-dive discussion on big topics, and applied to problems we face each and every day. There are three pillars of instruction. The most time is devoted to instructional coaching. This requires students to apply knowledge, often in collaborative groups, to create a product or demonstration of their learning. The second largest component of the lesson cycle is the seminar, or discussion among students, allowing them to garner a deeper understanding of a complex topic. The final piece of instruction is didactic or “information gathering.” Students may gain knowledge through reading information, taking notes during a lecture, presentation or researching a topic on their own. This pillar comprises the least amount of time in the classroom and can occur during any part of the lesson cycle.

Community is perhaps our strongest attribute. We intentionally keep class size small, which feels more like a family of learners than a school institution. As fellow learners with teachers, students are more likely to engage in a discussion with a faculty member when problems arise and celebrate together when discoveries are made. The Moreno Valley community values its youth, and students flourish as a result.

Organizations and community members tutor, mentor, provide scholarship and internship opportunities. MVHS was founded by concerned citizens and parents. We are supported locally by the Moreno Valley Education Foundation and the Angel Fire Community Foundation. The Angel Fire Village and Colfax County vote “yes” to every bond election because they believe in students.

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