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Taos Municipal Schools District Superintendent Lillian Torrez announced this summer that, after more than eights years leading the district, she is stepping down at the end of August and Assistant Superintendent Valerie Trujillo will take the reins beginning September 1.

Math classes take the summer off, but classroom gardens are a year-round responsibility. Just ask Nikki Cain, educational director for Growing Community Now, a nonprofit organization that helps facilitate school gardens along with gardening and nutritional education in Taos.

Are you a rising high school senior with plans to pursue a certification, vocational education or a two- or four-year college degree? Have you completed your GED/HSE (High School Equivalency) and are …

No matter what you are passionate about there is an extracurricular activity for every student at Taos High School (THS). From band and chorus to poetry and student government, there are more than 20 clubs offered. “All of our organizations want students to grow, take on leadership roles, be productive and represent our school and community positively.

Sometimes people mistakingly refer to charter schools as private institutions. In fact, charter schools are indeed public schools. They are granted greater flexibility in regard to their operations, yet are still held accountable for growing student achievement. Because charters are public schools, they are open to all children; they do not charge tuition; and they do not have special entrance requirements or exams. Charter schools are publicly funded, but can be privately operated.

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