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ShutterstockA more delicious way to honor the old country and the new land may be with a big bowl of champ -- a popular Irish dish that connects past and present generations.
In the Kitchen

St. Paddy never knew the potato

Some Irish American gardeners plant potatoes in their gardens on March 17, the traditional death date for St. Patrick, the Roman British missionary believed to …
ShutterstockSeveral factors combine to set the produce of Negroamaro apart from many other wines made in southern Italy.
Wine column

Enjoy the versatility of Negroamaro wines

Negroamaro. A compound word meaning, depending on who you ask, black and bitter, or just black. A dark-skinned grape from the heel of Italy's boot that makes a deeply colored, often rustic red wine. …
Farofa and vinaigrette are a combination common in Brazilian cuisine.
In the Kitchen

Recipes: A Brazilian feast

The national dish of Brazil is undoubtedly feijoada (fay-zho-AH-da), a thick stew of black beans and a variety of pork meats. Feijoada represents the blend of cultures that is Brazil.
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Courtesy photoChimajá is a wonderful little herb and one of the least known plants as far as local herbal medicines go.
Taos Herb

Spring's First Herb - Chimajá

Spanish: Chimajá. English: Spring parsley. One of my very favorite herbs is one that appears in the spring before most anything else begins to turn green.
Nan Fischer/courtesy photoSome of the seeds offered in a past year at the Taos Seed Exchange at the Taos Habitat ReStore.
Home and Garden

Seed love – passing on seeds to the next generation

With current concern about genetically modified seeds, local seed preservation is more important than ever.
Rob Hawley/courtesy photoEstafiate, also known as prairie sage, is an excellent bitter tonic.
Taos Herb

Herb of the Month: Estafiate (Spanish)

Names: Sacred Sage, South Dakota Sage, man sage, Silver wormwood, Prairie sage.
Health & fitness
Morgan Timms/The Taos NewsA competitor is silhouetted as he competes in the 6K Classic Cross-Country Ski race Saturday (Jan. 21) during the Chama Chile Ski Classic and Winter Fiesta weekend. Staying active all winter is key to maintaining fitness levels into spring and summer sports.
Health and Fitness

Winter-into-spring sports for health

As we transition from winter into spring, we can do ourselves a favor by not pushing too hard when we start to hike, bike, climb or get active playing tennis or any other sport.
A rainbow in Taos.

'Something good will come of this'

That's life! We can never get it under control. But you have a choice in how to respond in the fallout of a situation that is difficult.
Special Kids Section

Mother Earth to humans: ‘Let’s take a walk’

Nature is a joyful thing, like when we go skiing or take a hike. Other times, it’s super scary, like during a bad storm. And the environment is always changing, meaning we can always learn new …
Great outdoors
Courtesy Taos Snowshoe AdventuresSnowshoers take a hot chocolate break while exploring the Williams Lake area near Taos Ski Valley.
Great outdoors

Big snow means big fun for Taos area outdoor recreation

If you want to experience the outdoors at a slightly slower pace, consider snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Both are great ways to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty and solitude of the forests that surround Taos.
Great outdoors

Outdoor legislation advances in Roundhouse

More than 500 bills have been filed in the current session of the New Mexico Legislature, and quite a few have potential impacts on outdoor recreation, wildlife, land management and water. One …
M 35 consists of at least 418 stars in a roughly triangular pattern that lies 3,870 light years away in the constellation Gemini the Twins. The smaller denser looking reddish cluster is NGC 2158.

Spotting star clusters in the universe near and far

When you look up in a dark sky location, you see a cosmic quilt of stars. But did you know that some of them come in bunches known as open star clusters? In fact, most stars begin their lives in open …
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