In the kitchen
ShutterstockThe real centerpiece of most Thanksgiving dinners is the turkey.

The perfect turkey

The real centerpiece of most Thanksgiving dinners is the turkey. While some might wish for a different entree, for the majority, Thanksgiving would simply not be Thanksgiving without …
Wine column

What to drink with your Thanksgiving dinner

Believe it or not, four Thanksgivings have passed since I started writing about wine for the Taos News, yet I have never written a wines for Thanksgiving column. For a holiday that is all about …
In the Kitchen

Harissa: An indispensable seasoning

Harissa, a bright-red chile-based sauce or paste, is most closely associated with Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, but this indispensable seasoning got its start right here in …
Home & Garden
Photo by Al SchneiderTamarisk, aka salt cedar, Tamarix chinensis. Several species were introduced hundreds of years ago and proved to be invaders that clog waterways and crowd out native plant species.
Wonderful world of native plants

Apply for a Native Plant Society grant; enrich your environment

The subject is money. Relax, it's not about yours but about the grants awarded by the Native Plant Society of New Mexico from the Jack and Martha Carter Conservation Fund. Thanks to generous donations …
Photo by Mark SchuetzIn El Salto a 40-acre fuel break, resulting from tree-thinning, is obvious after a snowfall. The thinning was sponsored by Río Grande Water Fund, Taos County and the Taos Soil and Water Conservation District.
Native Plant Society

Renewing the resilience and productivity of native forests

'The congested forests that we are familiar with today are completely unnatural and will not endure, and neither will our …
©Al SchneiderLigusticum porteri. Southwest Colorado wildflowers. New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. Four Corners vicinity, within 150 miles of the corners.
Taos Herb column

Herb of the Month: Oshá de la sierra

In New Mexico folk medicine, oshá de la sierra root is sometimes worn on the boots to repel viboras (rattlesnakes) and kept in the pocket or under the pillow. It is said to repel infection and mal ojo (the evil eye).
Health & fitness
Courtesy photo

Healing the wounds of death in the whispers of the veil

A tragedy can be transformed into an instrument of healing. So it was for Annie Mattingley, who lost her daughter to suicide. In Mattingley's case, unexpected communication with her daughter after her …
Physical therapist William Breland demonstrates exercises Tuesday (OCt. 16) at Apex Network Physical Therapy in Taos.
Health & Fitness

ApexNetwork PT sticks the landing in Taos

As a child, Julie Davis was injured in a horseback riding accident. Now, at 67 years old and living in Angel Fire, she has left hip pain from years of …
Integrative Medicine de Taos at the Taos Women’s Expo on April 5.
Health column

Integrative medicine group launches monthly column

Welcome to IMdT's (Integrative Medicine de Taos) first monthly column. The board of IMdT is excited to bring our community monthly articles by a variety of healthcare providers, bringing together …
Great outdoors
Cindy BrownDiablo Canyon intersects with the Río Grande. The canyon is popular with hikers, horseback riders, runners and rock climbers.
Great Outdoors

Fall Hiking: Diablo Canyon

As the weather cools, trails at lower elevations offer a chance to see the last of the golden leaves and have a final fall picnic in the sun. One option for a fall hike is Diablo Canyon found …
The Eagle Nebula

The Eagle spreads its starry wings

The Eagle Nebula gets its name because it looks somewhat like the outstretched wings of an eagle in flight.
Courtesy photoA dark-eyed junco. With cooler weather, the birds are now in the Santa Fe area.
Great outdoors

Dark-eyed juncos return as temperatures drop

The arrival of dark-eyed juncos signals the start of cooler weather.
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