In the kitchen
Courtesy photoSauteed veggies is a delicious, nutritious stay-at-home meal during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the Kitchen

Cooking in corona times: 'Feasting like hermit queens'

If we happen to peek into the kitchen of Margaret J. Hansen and Karen Zakar, who are kinesiology chiropractors at NorthStar Plaza in Taos, we would see both of them, their two good-humored papillons and one elderly apple-faced Siamese cat.
ShutterstockToday, vinegar is often used to clean, pickle and preserve -- but its most important function may be to bring out the flavor of many different kinds of dishes.

Choose your vinegar

From its origins as a rare and valuable condiment in ancient Mesopotamia to its use as a remedy for the bubonic plague and evolution into an everyday drink for the poor in the Middle Ages, vinegar has made an appearance in almost every culture, and every cuisine, around the world.
ShutterstockThe barbera grape can produce a spectrum of wines, depending on where and how it's grown. Most vines produce better wine if pruned -- the fewer grape bunches on a vine, the more resources the vine has to give to those grapes.

Explore two varieties of the food-friendly, rich barbera grape

It's no surprise that two wines made from the same grape can taste vastly different from each other.
Home & Garden
Tulips gone by and ready to be deadheaded, leaving the lush foliage behind.

Busy in the garden in the merry month of May

I'm not sure how merry the month of May is this year, but gardening goes on. This is the big planting month. Aside from providing food and beauty for …
Morgan Timms/Taos News Intern Daniel Martinez holds braided corn prepared by youth from Taos Pueblo and other villages in 2019 in front of the farm from which it grew. The interns, aged 15 to 18, grew corn to preserve the kernels for seeds at the Taos County Economic Development Corporation. The New Mexico Acequia Association is offering free seeds to farmers and gardeners who apply for packets.

Need seeds? N.M. acequia association has some for you

The New Mexico Acequia Association is providing vegetable and traditional crop seeds for a limited time to farmers and gardeners."If you are in need of seed and have not yet made your request, please …
ShutterstockJoseph Morton, who will present a talk on fungi Wednesday (March 18) at 6 p.m. in the boardroom of the Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, 118 Cruz Alta Road, said the organisms 'provide food … and are a major source of antibiotics for combating bacterial diseases.'

What you should know about fabulous fungi

Many of you probably saw the documentary film "Fantastic Fungi" that played at Taos Community Auditorium last month and were knocked out by the astonishing photography of the multitudes of forms these organisms take.
Health & fitness
Courtesy photo'I have learned that owning your own business requires more time, money and energy than I anticipated,' Mirabal said a few days before she had to close the FreeWorld Fitness gym on Doña Ana Drive in early April due in part to restrictions put in place by the state to address the COVID-19 pandemic.
Health & Fitness

Summer Mirabal: 'Working out helps me reset'

The world influences us in many ways, driving us to create art, to improve ourselves and our surroundings, to help our communities and the people within them. For some, that influence, or inspiration, comes from nature; for others it may come from their spirituality, heritage or culture. Summer Mirabal found inspiration in the people she influenced at her gym.
As Taos Herb Company co-owner Rob Hawley said in his My Turn op-ed piece (Taos News, March 26-April 1) and as he reiterated April 2 by email, alternative medicine advocates like himself “believe strongly that there are many things that can be done to help support a body’s immune system.”
La Vida: Health & Fitness

Integrated approaches to Western and Eastern medicine

People have been mixing Western and Eastern approaches to health care forever. Tai chi, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, breathing exercises and a bastion of herbs are often used to contribute to many people’s wellness in Taos and the world over.
Courtesy Cindy BrownDr. Shane Lieberman of the Supportive Care Dept. at the Franklin Medical Center in Denver.
Health and Fitness

Dealing with unknowns when a family member has cancer

My world changed radically on a December morning last year. I was on my way to the toy store to finish my holiday shopping before heading to Colorado …
Great outdoors
0000LightBlue@Photo styles:.Photo cutline: Bode’s Galaxy (M81) is 11.7 million light years from Earth, is 90,000 light years wide and contains about 250 billion stars. Imaged at Mount Sangre Observatory near Angel Fire, New Mexico, during night and early morning of April 25-26. Total exposure time 4 hours, 42 minutes through six color filters (red, green, blue, infrared, hydrogen alpha and oxygen III).

Bode's Galaxy

For the last two months, I've been featuring galaxies in my astronomy column. This is not surprising since springtime is the best time of year to view most of the brightest galaxies in the night sky.
The native New Mexican cutthroat trout was designated the official state fish in 1955. Cutthroats are in the Río Grande largely due to the efforts of Trout Unlimited, a national conservation organization with deep roots in local communities.

Nonprofit secures instream water rights to help cutthroat trout

On weekends along the Río Grande in the Orilla Verde stretch of Río Grande del Norte National Monument north of Pilar, nearly every pullout is occupied by folks fishing. Some may have a chance to catch and release the elusive Río Grande cutthroat trout.
Gary Zientara/Mount Sangre ObservatoryM3 Globular Star Cluster in constellation Canes Venatici imaged March 25.
La Vida

Globular clusters circle the Milky Way

This dense spherical swarm of stars is called the M3 Globular Cluster and lies some 34,000 light years from Earth. It is found in the constellation Canes Venatici (Latin for "hunting dogs"). It is one of over 150 such clusters located in a random spherical pattern around the Milky Way. It is one of the oldest objects in our galaxy at 11.4 billion years old and may even predate the Milky Way itself.
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