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shutterstockNo doubt about it, some wines stink. Not all wines smell like a bed of roses.

Cat pee to burning tires: Winemakers tackle the stinky vintage challenge

The most abhorrent, offensive, repellent wine I have ever tasted was a pinot noir from South Africa. This was back in "wine school," and another student turned to me and said, "It's like the Michelin Man rolled in garbage, then set himself on fire."
A truffle cake is well worth the effort required to make it as a delectable sweet for your sweet.

'Berry' easy desserts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love — in all its forms. Children give candy hearts and paper valentines to their friends at school. We treat each other with flowers, fancy dinners and missives of love. But nothing says “I love you” like a decadent, delectable dessert.
Before you grab a bottle of something cheap and dodgy, let's talk about some great -- and great value -- wines that will tide you over to the next paycheck.

Great wines, good for your postholiday pocketbook

If you blew out your budget on presents for the family (or yourself) over the holidays, your wine habit doesn't need to suffer. Before you grab a bottle of something cheap and dodgy, let's talk about some great -- and great value --wines that will tide you over to the next paycheck.
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Nan FischerDahlia grown from a tuber. In February, walk around and inspect your flower beds. Look for plants that have heaved out of the soil and gently put them back in place being sure the roots are buried again. Top the soil with mulch.
Home and Garden

Top tips for pruning fruit trees in February

It's hard not to get excited about spring this time of year as the sun moves north and comes into the house at different angles. Days are visibly lengthening, another sign spring is …
Fencing can serve as an arresting feature in winter, especially after snowfall.

Banish winter woes with a vibrant snowy landscape

As I look out my window this morning in the new year, the gardens I did not clean up in fall are outlined with frozen fog. Backlit by the early morning sun, flower stalks, tree branches and wire fences seem so delicate they would break if touched.

Top 10 holiday decorating safety tips

Some tips to keep you safe as you make a festive holiday home:
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During individual counseling, program director Erica Jacknin occasionally uses sand tray therapy, during which patients must create their own, unique world with miniature objects in sand. Jacknin said the blue man is one of the most popular miniatures selected by her patients.

Free your mind through your body

Walking through the doors of Trauma and Recovery Center in El Prado, one is faced with two rows of pottery wheels. Stroll past the clay vessels, dog- and dragon-like creatures peeking from the shelves, and you arrive in another room filled with hand drums.
Foods with certain combinations of salt, fat, sugar and carbohydrates - like chocolate chip cookies - are hard to stay away from, ruining many a well-meant resolution to improve our diets.

Saying no to addictive foods

So 2020 is here and you've decided this is the year you will improve your diet and lose weight. Not surprisingly, that's the number one resolution for most Americans. Also, not surprisingly, a study conducted by the University of Scranton has found that 80 percent of New Year's resolutions have been abandoned by February - only about 8 percent of us hang in there long enough to achieve our goals.

Tasty citrus tips for boosting vitamin C

If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, what could an orange -- or lemon, lime or grapefruit -- do for you?
Great outdoors
Gary Zientara/Mount Sangre ObservatoryCenter of Rosette Nebula in hydrogen alpha light featuring the young star cluster NGC 2244 imaged at Mount Sangre Observatory, April 2018.

A cosmic catastrophe hiding 'in plain sight'

We are now in the "dead of winter." Its late-January icy grip is fully upon us. But did you know that the cold winter night sky is full of fire and fury?
Photo courtesy Sarah NelsonA northern flicker pecks at ice to get water. Providing high-fat foods for birds during daylight hours will help them make it through long, cold winter nights.

Birds are the flowers of our winter garden

There is pure joy in watching birds hop about in the snow and seeing them hang on bird feeders in search of a good meal. They may not be polite, some can be downright ornery and often they may be more than a little messy - but what a great delight it is to watch the ruckus in our own backyards, and with so little effort.
Courtesy Sarah NelsonPine siskins in a birdbath. They are nomadic and famously disloyal to your feeder offerings.

Backyard birding questions for winter in New Mexico

We're seeing lots of birds in area backyards this winter. Maybe because we've had some true winter weather this year and birds need a bit of help surviving the cold and snow. Here are a few questions we've been hearing in the last week or so.
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