When Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory shut its doors in August, it left many a sweet tooth longing. Since then, however, a couple from Clovis has breathed new life into the chocolate franchise.

Kim and Treca Boney were born and raised in Clovis, New Mexico, where Kim owned and operated an electrical business for 40 years, and Treca worked at a car dealership. After retirement and the sale of a piece of property, the couple began looking around for a small business to purchase. While perusing the listings, Treca stumbled upon what would become their future occupation.

"The very first thing that I found while looking for small businesses in New Mexico was the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Taos," said Treca Boney, as she explained how everything came together serendipitously. "It had been on there one day. Every door opened and everything fell into place, so we really felt like, 'this is where we're supposed to be and this is what we're supposed to be doing.'"

After talking with the franchise's previous owner Bowe Ellis, the Boneys were encouraged to come check out the store, explore Taos, and make sure that the town was a good fit for them. Luckily, Treca explained that they felt right at home. "We had been [to Taos] several times and sat out by the gazebo out there and listened to music and ate chocolate, and we really enjoyed being there." When they realized that Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory could become a reality for them, "it seemed like that was just perfect."

While the Boneys admit they never imagined themselves owning a chocolate shop, they say they are happy with where they've landed. With five grandchildren back in Clovis, they knew they needed to stay in New Mexico, so Taos felt like just the right fit. "We wake up every morning and we look up and we see the mountains and we're like, 'Ah, we really did it!' " Treca Boney exclaimed.

Since opening in late October, the couple say the store has been packed, and that during their first opening weekend - which happened to fall on Halloween - they sold over 30 pounds of fudge. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, they have been as busy as ever.

"We've been really thankful," said Treca Boney.

Despite an onslaught of customers, the couple are currently the only two employees. Treca explained they still have a lot to learn themselves, before they can train someone else. "We are brand new and we are so slow, but everybody has been so patient, so we are very thankful that they are," she said.

So far, the Boneys said that the reception from locals and tourists has been amazing.

"We always tease that they really missed us - I know it's not us, but they really did miss Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory," Treca Boney said. She added they are amazed at the diverse group of people who reside in - and visit - Taos. "Never would we have thought that there's so much going on here. That really does intrigue us."

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