Jail positives

Taos County confirmed on Thursday (Oct. 15) that a total of four detainees have now tested positive for the coronavirus at the Taos County jail. Three have been released, while the fourth was still in the process of being released as of Thursday.

Updated Oct. 16 at 11:20 a.m.

After confirming its first case of the novel coronavirus in a detainee transferred from Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque to its jail on Wednesday (Oct. 13), Taos County has now said that three other detainees at the local jail have also tested positive.

County public information officer Anissa Arrambide said Thursday (Oct. 15) that two other detainees – of a total of four who were also transferred from Metropolitan on Oct. 8 and 9 of last week – have also tested positive. All three have been released, but only the detainee who tested positive on Wednesday was transferred to Holy Cross Medical Center.

"All four have all been released from our custody by District Court," Arrambide wrote in a press release. "The first positive detainee was transported by the EMS COVID-19 Ambulance to Holy Cross Hospital for further evaluation and as of this press release is still there. Out of the two remaining, one detainee is self-isolating and the other detainee’s location is unknown."

She said that a third detainee arrested by Taos Police Department this week also tested positive and was in the process of being released on Thursday.

Following the positive test results on Thursday, the cells occupied by the detainees were sanitized, Arrambide said.

Staff at the jail has continued to wear PPE throughout the pandemic and tests every detainee who enters the facility, while jail employees are tested "periodically."

Responding to an inquiry from the Taos News on Thursday, Arrambide said the air filtration system at the jail is "programmed to meet the minimum fresh air requirement for commercial buildings. The system can be programmed to bring in 100 percent fresh air 100 percent of the time."

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I called it. Let me remind you that Covid 19 has been in the jail for a while now. It started with an individual from Cerro. The ventilation system is all linked together. There is no quarantining or segregating. Our lovely Sheriff has been lying to us the whole time people.


That makes no sense! But arrest people for mask violations and playing in the park.


Who has been arrested for mask violations or playing in park? U mean out of towners who think they are privileged or homeless at the park? We deal with them for other issues but none you have stated.

Taos County Assembly Organizer

Why are people still trying to figure out why government 'policies' make NO sense?

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