Taos County Sheriff's Office over 800 out-of-state vehicles at border checkpoints

The Taos County Sheriff's Office operated checkpoints at the Colorado border on Friday (July 10) to both check drivers for intoxication and inform them about New Mexico's public health orders related to the pandemic. Officers stopped 1,600 vehicles, about half of which were from out of state, the sheriff's office estimates.

Members of the Taos County Sheriff's Office operated checkpoints at the Colorado border Thursday and Friday (July 9 and 10) to both check drivers for intoxication and inform them about New Mexico public health orders. Officers stopped a total of 1,600 vehicles, of which more than half were out-of-state travelers, the sheriff's office estimated.

Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said the non-New Mexico residents arrived "with little clue what New Mexico health orders are, indicating to us that New Mexico needs to step up their education efforts," he wrote.

The sheriff's office conducted the checkpoints a day after Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham amended an emergency public health order to effectively close state parks to all out-of-state visitors, who are still required to self quarantine for 14 days upon arrival unless traveling on "essential" business.

The governor also rolled back a previous announcement that allowed restaurants and breweries throughout the state to resume indoor dining, which is once again prohibited after the state saw a sharp spike in cases of the novel coronavirus this month.

The New Mexico Department of Health reported 301 new cases of the virus in the state on Friday, for a total of 14,549, with six additional deaths related to COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. A total of 539 state residents had died of the virus as of Friday.

The state also announced the cancellation of fall "contact" sports this week. Whether students will return to school on schedule also remains in question as state health official monitor the virus.

Taos County has also seen a gradual uptick in cases this summer, with 51 infections as of Friday, including one death tied to the county, according to reporting from the state.

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(7) comments


Another case of privileged individuals huh? If someone would tell you to wear pants you would be offended as well? We don't need out of towners around here. So bye!


The unfortunate criticism of one of the least invasive and least expensive ways of protecting each other and one’s self, masks, dregs up statements from January through March when circumstances were dramatically different. First, knowledge has evolved about this new virus since the early weeks and months. Second, there was hesitancy to tell the public to wear masks because there were nowhere near enough masks for medical personnel in hospitals and no coordinated program to get them available, and there was fear that the public would buy up supplies taking protection away from medical workers directly caring for actually infected patients. PPE is still in short supply, but there is now recognition that people can make their own masks. There is also evolving evidence that the mask wearer might be protected more than is apparent. Also, Dr. Fauci stated in an editorial on March 26th that the new virus might be more like a very severe influenza year, not the typical annual virus, but it was couched in speculative, not definitive terms. Let’s just all do our best with what is known at this point, and be willing to change when we know more. Too many are getting sick and while one 90 year old person in Taos county has died, so has a 20 year old previously healthy man outside the county.

Belligerent Agorist

A more accurate title for this article might be as follows, "800 Private individuals minding their own business are harassed by local thugs under false pretenses and have their 1,4 and 5th Amendment Rights violated, all under the guise of a contrived 'public health emergency'."

Belligerent Agorist

This is 800 tourists, who were likely turned away from the State by these marauding thugs. How much revenue was lost as a result of this ridiculous tyranny? How long are we going to be manipulated by our democratic leaders(NM being a Blue State) into an abyss of economic destruction? Enough is enough. This is a flu bug with 99.9% recovery rate. Why won't the Taos News report on the rapidly declining death rate of this virus? Why do they consistently fixate on the bad news? This is NOT about a virus. This is about the election. Anyone that can't see that is blind.


Keep letting Red River do what they want.


How many new cases of COVID-19 in Red River this week? I heard four and their clinic had to be closed down because masks were not worn.

Belligerent Agorist

so what? Bottom line - 1 Person. 1 90 Yr old person has died from this virus, allegedly. You mask police really make me sick to my stomach. Even Lord Fauci said back in March in the New England Journal of Medicine both that masks are useless against a virus AND that this will end up being comparable to the annual influenza. You mask police will not be happy until all of us die of starvation from the economic calamity you are clamoring for from an all too ready to act as tyrant democratic leaders. You all will face a judgment from our Creator on the other side.

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