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This past holiday period was one that recorded peak visitation throughout most parts of Northern New Mexico, boosting our economy for all. With bountiful snow and a revitalized offering, we witnessed scores of visitors touting best-trip-ever experiences. None of this could have been possible without our incomparable staff. more
Dear Dr. Ted: I know you have written many articles on anniversaries and holidays and how they can cause emotional angst. I guess I have another one. I had a major accident last year that almost took my life and I am sad in the fact that I will never be the same again. I have also had difficulties walking through this year as I don't know how anniversaries and different stimuli are going to affect me. Does this seem common? Thanks, Meagan more
An apocryphal story states that Stalin's daughter won a contest saying that the saddest expression in any language was "it could have been." It definitely is a sad expression that indicates so many … more
Dear Dr. Ted: I have had many losses in my life such as death of loved ones, health issues and other jolts in life. I have noticed something lately about my grief process. I notice certain moments that seem to have a message for me that I cannot quite explain. On my latest roller-coaster grief, I have been noticing connections with numbers such as with time 11:11, 4:44 or any other sequence such as this that catches my attention. I know that is a bit "out there" but do you have anything that might shine some light on my curiosity? more
The night after Sister María had begun to write "The Mystical City of God," she was dreaming comfortably about the Virgin Mary. more
A reader of my Taos News column wrote to say that he cannot believe that growing younger is possible. He also said, "It just isn't true when someone in their 40s or 50s says, 'Getting old is a matter of the mind. Think young and you will be young.'" more
"I am having a bad Christmas because I am not with my family!" said a Taos Behavioral Health youth client in foster care. "But this is the best break I have ever had because when I come to camp, they help me to not feel alone." more
There is a bright, hopeful and healing recourse for the world against the horrific and disastrous circumstances which are now globally rampant in the churches and spiritual traditions and in the "governance" of states and nations. more
Whenever people try to make themselves feel better by demeaning another, it's called bullying. No ifs, ands or buts about it, regardless of whether bullies use verbal abuse, physical strength or - … more
Dear Dr. Ted: I have noticed that I can be standoffish and sabotage opportunity for close relationships as well as relationships outside my inner circle. Is this from losses in my life or am I just "messed up" and can't get it together? Thanks, Margie more
Sister María had awakened full of joy, as she gazed at the Virgin rocking the child in her arms with such tenderness. The Virgin was dictating everything about the life of her family to her. She told her about how she herself had been the daughter of the elderly Joachim and Ana and the wife of Joseph. more
The ebb and flow of animals at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is reported to the Taos News each week. Curious how many dogs or cats are being held in the facility? more
Dear Dr. Ted: As I move into 2020, I notice myself looking back into my past, [and] I reflect on the last year and my life. My guess is this is common for many people with something like the coming of a new year. What are your thoughts - is this a good or bad thing? more
The ebb and flow of animals at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is reported to the Taos News each week. Curious how many dogs or cats are being held in the facility? more
'I love having interns," declared a program director at Taos Behavioral Health. "They bring such enthusiasm and energy and sometimes they have studied some very recent research that I have not yet seen." more
When Sister María awoke from her dream, it had already been three hours since the other nuns had sung the Dawn Song. Now they were busy with their corporal and spiritual works of mercy. more
World traveler Marcos Martinez enjoys one great passion during his many trips. "I like to get lost in a foreign city and find my way back. That way, I learn much about where I'm visiting," said Martinez during a recent interview in El Prado. more
Dear Dr. Ted: Thank you for another year of articles focused on emotional health. ...It is a rarity to see this in a newspaper in today’s world that seems to be about drama and trauma. If there was a higher level of focus on the good and health, maybe there would be less drama and sadness. Anyway, I often hear about the idea of letting go of resentments of others and how this will be healthy and healing for me. What are your thoughts on this? more
New Year's Eve had come and with it, so had the Feast of St. Sylvester. This holy pontiff had baptized the Roman Emperor Constantine so many centuries past. more
Ranchos de Taos Elementary School teacher Naomi Garcia was selected as the Taos district's Distinguished Teacher of the Year. The fourth-grade teacher explained the process of receiving her award. "Each school principal nominated a teacher, and I was the nominee from Ranchos Elementary. Then, I was selected as the winner for the entire district. For that, I'm very grateful," said Garcia. more
'And you were really snoring deeply," declared the wife of a Taos Behavioral Health client in delight. Not the kind of message most wives might give to their spouse! But in this case, her husband experienced the first deep restful sleep he had had in 20 years. more
This weekly column seeks to help educate our community about emotional healing through grief. People may write questions to Golden Willow Retreat and they will be answered privately to you and … more
It was Christmas Eve. Sister Maria was having trouble falling asleep. The Reverend Mother had proposed to her that, after a little while, she would be named Prioress for the time being. Such a great responsibility was reserved for those who could bear it. more
Most people call him "Dadou," but his real name is Bernard Mayer. He splits his time between Taos during ski season and near Kona, Hawaii, during the warmer months. Currently, he teaches skiing and assists his brother, Jean, at Taos Ski Valley's Hotel St. Bernard where plans gear up for a New Year's celebration. more
The ebb and flow of animals at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is reported to the Taos News each week. Curious how many dogs or cats are being held in the facility? more
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