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Nearly three years ago, then-President Barack Obama responded to long-standing concerns that workers exposed to toxic chemicals at the country's nuclear weapons labs … more
For Taos' graduating seniors, March is time to apply for local scholarships.Thanks to Kat Duran at Taos High School, more than 40 scholarships are posted on the Taos High School website at … more
In early Spring of 2016, Taoseños began coming home from shopping trips to Santa Fe bearing exotic travelers' tales of a new world of wonders. Our Instagram scrolls suddenly … more
Taos municipal elections are underway. Here are our recommendations for the mayoral and town council positions. more
February can be a challenging month for college students, especially freshman. Transitions – no matter how positive – can be stressful. First semester and its newness has faded, winter … more
January is a time for new beginnings. In the ski industry, this is when the team reflects on the start of the season and recovers from the bustle of the holiday season. more
Are you applying to a vocational school or college and not sure how to pay for it? Luckily, there's a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that determines your eligibility for federal and … more
The Taos Tigers are working off a clean slate: new coaching staff, new team philosophy, new record, new uniforms and new attitude. All that is needed is a new indoor arena. more
Applying to college can be complex and even daunting, which is why 20 years ago Rebeca Romero Rainey helped co-found Bridges with Pamela Shepherd. Rebeca sees Bridges’ work as relevant as ever, … more
There are many paths for a life to travel and just as many ways to learn. Upon completing high school or a high school equivalency/GED program, you may enter into the workforce, engage in community … more
Safety measures put in place to avoid serious nuclear accidents while handling radioactive materials were violated by workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory on two occasions in mid-August, … more
Under ideal weather conditions that displayed a deep blue sky and a bright yellow sun – perfectly matching the Peñasco Panthers’ team uniforms – the 2017 cross-country season began with a bang in Northern New Mexico. more
Applying to college or vocational school is a process with lots of moving parts, and one is how to pay for your schooling. The good news is that financial aid from the U.S. Department of Education can help. The first step is to complete the Free … more
Having at least one in-state public school on your college list is a good idea for lots of reasons, including affordability and the wide range of majors and resources that will be available to you. For those of you who haven’t applied in-state … more
(NAPSI)—The United States has been battling a STEM skills gap over the past decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, where technology has advanced faster than the knowledge and skill level of companies and employees. To help fill this … more
Kyline Rael comes from a big Questa family with deep roots in Northern New Mexico. Now she’s found a way to follow her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse without having to go far from home. Rael just started the UNM-Taos nursing program — a … more
We hope the start of the school year has begun on a good note for everyone. It’s always a big transition to go from summertime to being back in school, but by now you’ve probably settled into a rhythm. Some of you have college on your minds and … more
In the world of running, the heart and lungs and legs must conspire together to defeat the brain. An unencumbered mutiny of the body’s pilot is what is required when a long-distance runner steps up to the starting line. “No,” cries out the … more
Landscape artist Leigh Gusterson has lived in the Peñasco area for six years, and she freely admits it’s taken that long to really get the “feel” of the place she now calls home. “I really think I am just scratching the surface of where … more
(StatePoint) Are you on a serious hunt for a new home? Whether it’s your first time as a real estate buyer or you’ve done this many times before, you may experience a learning curve. After all, the market is forever in-flux, and experts advise … more
It’s a steep learning curve once you get named. At least for new Taos Pueblo Gov. Benito M. Sandoval there was precedence. His late father, Joe C. Sandoval, served as tribal war chief in 1979, lieutenant governor in 1983 and governor of the tribe … more
Last week, we approached the topic of new ways of working as related to working smarter, use of tools and skills, the work environment and how we consider the customer. Part two will focus on working at home versus an office or worksite, working as … more
Robin Cunningham’s lifelong interest in healthy and sustainable products led her to start a new business, Bee Taos Light, last August. She makes natural beeswax candles in a variety of shapes (Buddhas, flowers, turtles, bears and more) and also … more
Sean Walker is a Texan through and through. But when it comes to nuts, bolts, plants, lumber and light bulbs — everything at Río Grande Ace Hardware, where he is the general manager — Walker certainly understands what keeps Taos going. He sat … more
In the business world today, being on board with social media is a must. It is a convenient, direct and low cost means of communication with individuals and networks of people, local to global. The ongoing challenge for most businesses is to … more
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