Fire season is over, but a prescribed burn is on the way

The 2,833 acres are located about 7 miles north of El Rito and west of Vallecitos.

Poisoned eagles, and new trout species, discovered in nearby Colorado

Just north of the county and state border, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife has news, good and bad.
Taos Fall Arts Festival

The main event

The incredible reality of the Taos Art Colony, blooming in the middle of New Mexico’s high desert, remains a fascinating and stimulating mystery to ponder and explore — precisely the …
November general elections

Register to vote

Voting is one crucial way to participate in the democracy so many of our friends and family have sacrificed for over the years.You have to be registered to vote. The deadline to register is Oct. 9 …
Local news

VA awards Angel Fire $3.2M for veterans cemetery

Angel Fire is already known around the county by veterans of the Vietnam War thanks to the memorial on the edge of town, but an announcement of funding for a veterans cemetery means the Colfax County …

Sights and sounds at the 2018 PASEO Art Festival

Visitors to the 2018 PASEO had their senses activated and minds transported with the range of interactive art installations that graced the space-themed festival. Over 30 local, national, and …

A painter and her dahlias
Editor's note: This week marks the beginning of a new column by Anna Racicot focusing on the artists and artisans of Questa and … Read More
A life lived in chiaroscuro
Taos painter David Borenstein found out he had cancer three years back and realized he "may leave this world in a few years, maybe … Read More
Movie review: 'A Simple Favor'
A movie like "A Simple Favor" might seem more suited for The Lifetime Channel if in some alternate universe it carried R-rated fare … Read More
Arte de Descartes announces winners
Melissa Larson, founder and main organizer for the annual Arte de Descartes exhibit, has announced the winners for this year's show. Read More
Explore 'Roots ~ Raices' at NeoRio 2018
NeoRio offers thought-provoking art installations right on the rim of the Río Grande gorge, along with a farm-to-table feast, poetry … Read More
Japanese scroll paintings on view
I cut my artist teeth (literally sometimes) on Japanese scroll painting as a child, so my heart skips a beat when I see Asian imagery, … Read More
Taos News poll

While walking, have you been harassed by passing drivers?

This is a multiple choice question. Harassment is not just sexual; it can be anger-based. And harassment happens to men and women.  While walking, have you been harassed by passing drivers?

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Tigers down Demons in fourth consecutive rout

Another challenger, another knockout. Taos wins its fourth straight in a rout that saw the game clock run throughout the entire second half.

You say potato, they say potatoes
Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that enriches the soil rather than depleting it. Read More
Herb of the month: Golden crownbeard, goldweed
Añil del muerto, a plant with bright yellow flowers and blue-green leaves, begins blooming near the end of July and throughout most … Read More
Designing a conservation strategy for rare plant species
Did you know 235 rare and endangered plant species live in New Mexico? Of these, 109 species occur only in New Mexico and nowhere else … Read More
Fall is upon us, so it's time to plant those trees
September and October are the prime time for fall planting and preparing your trees for the winter months. If trees are not properly … Read More
All for love: A homemade wedding cake
I write a lot about entertaining, and it is true that I enjoy feeding family and friends. And I generally like to do everything … Read More
California chardonnays for the pickiest sippers
California chardonnay gets a bad rap. Sure, there are some bottles I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, but that's true of most broad … Read More

Overland Sheepskin Company celebrates 45 years in Taos

Maybe it was the mountain's way of calling them back. In 1973, when Jim Leahy and his fiancée passed through Taos on their way to Santa Fe, they had to return to retrieve the …

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