Photo Gallery: Trombone Shorty's Voodoo Threauxdown at Kit Carson Park

Trombone Shorty's Voodoo Threauxdown brought all the funky, soul-lifting sounds of New Orleans' best musicians to Kit Carson Park on Saturday (Sept. 23). Bandleader and singer-songwriter Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews performed with Orleans Avenue with supporting performances from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and American jam band Galactic.
Social services

DreamTree farms the future with hydroponics for youth nonprofit

Imagine growing nearly 2 acres worth of food in your closet, year-round. Hydroponic pioneers at DreamTree Farms are doing the unthinkable. They have started …
Tradiciones – Leyendas

¿Paradise lost?

¿Paradise Lost? is an excerpt of an article that first appeared in Hakol, the news magazine of the Taos Jewish Center.
Fine art

Courage to change

Deep blue plumbago flowers edge the stone path that leads to Barbara Zaring's backyard, where red tomatoes hang heavy and corn silk dangles from within a pale green sheaf. …

Skaters rally to fix Taos park

After decades of use and minimal repairs, the Taos Skatepark is getting some love and care. Skaters from across New Mexico gathered at the Taos Skatepark …
Local news

Our identity, our roots

Raíces is the second in a four-part series spanning four consecutive weeks, It is followed by Artes (Arts) and culminates with the Unsung Heroes/Citizen(s) of the Year publication on Oct. …

Sights and sounds at the 2018 PASEO Art Festival

Visitors to the 2018 PASEO had their senses activated and minds transported with the range of interactive art installations that graced the space-themed festival. Over 30 local, national, and …

Precious stones
Despite Fall Arts grabbing center stage, Taos Pueblo/Hopi jeweler and silversmith Jacqueline Gala has her nose to the grindstone, … Read More
Dream a dream of me
Now is that gorgeous blue and gold time of year when summer and autumn start talking to one another -- perfect for a dip in the water. … Read More
Ideas made real
203 Fine Art Gallery owner Eric Andrews said he is on a mission to educate the community and art collectors who visit the area about … Read More
Music for social change
Taos Chamber Music Group opens its 26th season with two performances of "Common Ground." The program features Indian American composer … Read More
Enhanced reality
If you're an Amigos Bravos supporter, you already know Tracy Turner Sheppard's work. She was selected as the poster artist for the … Read More
'Outside the Lines'
Loving and hating loneliness is the bane of the artist's existence. Poets and writers complain most loudly perhaps, but all creatives … Read More
Taos News poll

Legalizing recreational marijuana in New Mexico – are you for or against?

The U.S. Senate race in New Mexico offers a sign of the times, with two of the three candidates calling for legalizing recreational marijuana.

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Wildcats make the most of their visit to the City Different

Under a sizzling midday sun, the Questa Wildcats soccer squad found themselves in the marquee game of the First Annual Desert Academy Invitational soccer tournament at Santa Fe's Alto Park Sept. 15.

Aurafitness focuses on mind, body well-being
Aurafitness in Taos is a sanctuary for mind and body. The yoga studio feels calming with its soothing green colors, plants, textiles … Read More
The new 'Late Bloomers'
If you are 50 or older, you're probably already part of a very exciting cultural movement. I, and others, have been giving voice to … Read More
Catch a glimpse of a lesser goldfinch
Lesser goldfinches are in Northern New Mexico all during nesting season, but their population really exploded in late August. Young … Read More
You say potato, they say potatoes
Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that enriches the soil rather than depleting it. Read More
Herb of the month: Golden crownbeard, goldweed
Añil del muerto, a plant with bright yellow flowers and blue-green leaves, begins blooming near the end of July and throughout most … Read More
Designing a conservation strategy for rare plant species
Did you know 235 rare and endangered plant species live in New Mexico? Of these, 109 species occur only in New Mexico and nowhere else … Read More

Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties sees a bright future ahead in Taos, Angel Fire

Her smile began at the Texas border and grew bigger the closer she got to Northern New Mexico. Having grown up in Houston, Lisa Sutton knew in her late teens that the rugged beauty of …

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