While winter and summer seem to get all the glory in Taos, there are many among us who count fall as their favorite season. Read the guide here.

And why not? The cool, calm weather can’t be beat and the natural beauty of changing trees, especially the aspens, makes for some of the most art-inspiring landscapes known to mankind.

Oh, and speaking of art, fall is also special to many Taoseños because of the myriad art festivals that dot Taos and surrounding communities this time of year. It's the main reason we put out our Fall Festivals guide every year. And, I’d be willing to bet that folks in the communities of Río Costilla, Dixon, Pilar and El Rito count fall as their favorite season. Not to mention the artists of the High Road. The studio and gallery tours those areas host mark an exciting time in each community’s calendar year, when visitors come and see all the residents have created over the past year.

And of course art is not a passé topic in the town of Taos either as many local artists are involved in either the Taos Artists Organization Studio Tour or the famed Taos Fall Arts Festival.

Art lovers in Taos can also get their fix at events like the TCA Quick Draw or the Taos Arts and Crafts Fair. But fall in Northern New Mexico is about more than just art (though that would be enough in most places).

We’ve also got great music events like Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance, the ShortGrass Festival and Taos Chamber Music Group’s new season of concerts. For more niche events, check out The Wool Festival at Taos, the Milagro Rotary Chile Challenge or the UNM-Taos, SMU-in-Taos Fall Lecture Series. Fall is also a great time to taste some wine and witness the early stages of a wine’s creation.

And lastly, fall in Taos would not be complete without the venerable traditions of Taos Pueblo and San Geronimo Feast Day.

So don’t pine away for a bygone summer or lay low until winter. There are too many great things about fall for the season to be ignored.

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