Fall in Taos is a special time, especially for those who enjoy a break between the extremes of summer and winter. http://taosnews.nm.newsmemory.com/?pSetup=taosnews_special_ff" target="_blank">Read the guide here.

And what better way to enjoy the cool, calm (sorry spring) days of autumn than by attending one (or many) of the numerous fall festivals our area has to offer. The so-inclined can pick virtually any weekend from now through November for an opportunity to visit artists in their working spaces, nestled in community-oriented settings such as El Rito or Dixon. These are the types of events that entire communities rally around and the local studio tours are one of the best ways a person or group of people can spend a fall day.

In addition, events like Michael Hearne's Big Barn Dance (Sept. 8-10) and Cimarrón's Shortgrass Festival (Sept. 9-11) offer an opportunity to cut loose and enjoy some great music in friendly, fun atmospheres. If strings are more your thing, the Taos Chamber Music Group will have numerous concerts this fall season.

Looking for something a little more out-of-this-world? The 2011 Paranormal Symposium and Film Festival (Oct. 25) comes to Taos this year, offering in-depth discussions on extraterrestrial encounters, featured speakers, vendors, musicians and more.

And if you'd rather not be open to the scary possibilities of the universe, you're more than welcome to have the wool pulled over your eyes at the Taos Wool Festival (Oct. 1 and 2).

Of course, fans of ceremony and tradition need look no further than the annual San Geronimo Feast Day at Taos Pueblo (Sept. 30).

Don't get too caught up in preparations for winter to get out and enjoy all the great events in the Taos area this fall. Take your own break and enjoy the weather.

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