With summer around the corner, time to get out and get moving

Take advantage of the beauty of our area to explore the great outdoors or try a new sport


With the end of interscholastic competition in Taos County, the pace of play around our readership area slows to a croquet-like speed. Sports become all-inclusive types of activities with a wide variety to choose from. Sure, there are still some fan-favorite spectator sports to be had, like the Taos Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo de Taos or the annual mud bog competition. But as far as The Taos News coverage is concerned, many of the local events involve the readers themselves – mostly adults.

The suggestions that are made throughout the year that don’t seem to make it on the sports section due to space constraints will most likely find a platform this summer.

The softball and golf season is in full swing (double pun intended), and the winds are finally dying down enough to allow for a pleasant game of tennis (make it a triple). The running sports will soon make the headlines as annual 5K, 10K and marathons come to the region. As offshoot sports like archery and the disc golf circuits make the rounds, readers will get all the play-by-play details of the respective events – and color to boot.

If you’re looking for something to do this summer to augment your workout routine or if exploration is on your Taos County bucket list, I recommend the vast network of hiking trails in our area that are just a short drive away and offer a true outdoor adventure. Count on a series of stories that highlight the various types of trails within our reach that walkers of all levels can enjoy. Guided trips are a great way to learn about the geology, ecology, geography and history of the Taos Valley and its surrounding mountain chains. The same goes for excursions down the Río Grande on a guided raft trip. Perhaps this is the year you finally give it a try.

The point is, the summers in Taos are the absolute best and deserve a chance to be explored and appreciated out of doors. My first year here at The Taos News was spent looking for content to fill the sports section and sometimes brought a sense of worry that there wasn’t enough happening to produce relevant features, stories and articles. That notion is out the window this year and I am really looking forward to the lineup and the interesting stories that will, no doubt, cross this sports editor’s desk.

As for the high school athletes, there’s no need to worry, as they are also hard at work this summer – preparing their bodies for the upcoming seasons – at their usual speed. It was mentioned in the May 25, 2017, edition of The Taos News that the closing of the spring sports interscholastic season was like a sprint to the starting line, but in reality, the periods between seasons don’t really exist. Just ask a parent of an undergraduate student-athlete who is already shuttling their son or daughter to morning practices, washing their workout clothes and feeding their hungry calorie burners. We will continue to check on our Tigers, Wildcats and Panthers as they hit their respective benchmarks this summer.

So, if there was a New Year’s resolution that was made six months ago that you haven’t yet started, June 1 may be the perfect time to start. I will do my part to try to gently coax everyone to try a new activity or two this summer within these pages – and make a pact to do so myself. So, get out your walking sticks and selfie sticks and check out our gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, wild rivers and birds and all that this beautiful land has to offer.

“Sports Talk” is a periodic commentary from Arcenio J. Trujillo, The Taos News sports editor. If you have an idea or topic for coverage on “Sports Talk,” contact Trujillo at sports@taosnews.com and include your name, contact information and your sports news idea.


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