Take me out to the ballgame in Taos


Last week I covered the Taos Blizzard's home game on Memorial Day because Cody Olivas, our sports editor was on vacation. I didn't mind. This was baseball, a sport I love.

The Taos Blizzard is one of new expansion teams in the independent, professional Pecos League. The young men are playing ball in hopes of moving up to other leagues and perhaps into the bigs someday.

From the schedule, it seems the Taos Blizzard plays just about every day for months. But only 14 of the games are in Taos.

The boys in powder blue — I stole that from special sections editor Andy Jones — got a 24-7 shellacking that day from the Las Vegas Train Robbers. The Blizzard's pitcher got in an 8-0 hole in the first inning, an inauspicious start.

But it was still fun.

These are hard-playing ballplayers. The manager was also the catcher, who later played second and pitched. We watched four balls soar over the home-run fence — at 6,969 feet no surprise there — although for the Train Robbers. There was good defense and not-so-good defense.

And if that wasn't enough, there were the little Taos extras like Rod Weston, school superintendent, telling people where to park and those oh-so-familiar neon-colored signs. The high school's culinary arts students served food at the concession stand and kids chased after foul balls.

The crowd sang along when the umpire's little daughter sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" over the PA system. And, I was in good company with friends, Virginia and Smitty.

My only gripe is that most of the games start at noon weekdays. That leaves out a lot of baseball-loving people who have jobs, like myself. But I see the Blizzard is playing the Roswell Invaders on Sunday, June 16 at 2 p.m. I plan on going. I hope you are, too.

Check The Taos News for coverage. For more on the Pecos League, go to website http://www.pecosleague.com.


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