Should New Mexico bring back the death penalty?


New Mexico lawmakers will consider a bill to restore the death penalty, which was made illegal in the state nearly a decade ago. See the story in the Thursday (Jan. 11) edition of The Taos News.


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Elaine Ray

I am not too surprised that 60% + are willing to see the death penalty re-instituted in the State of New Mexico, with 40% + on the no side. I believe that our lives are a gift that no other person has a right to take. Our bodies are the vehicle we use to explore the life lessons we must meet as we live out our time here on earth. There are many hateful people, without inhibitions related to harming another individual or their property. Paul, of the New Testament called these people reprobate, without understanding, empty vessels that hold no light. I would add that to deliberately harm another being shows a lack of consciousness and care for life itself. Each person will answer for his actions, and will be accountable for how they walked through this life and what they did. The feelings of Anger, Hate, the desire to Harm Another or their property, Feelings of Revenge and Retribution are the works of darkness and are in opposition to what is right and visible in God's Light. When you participate in these actions or feelings. especially in a reactionary manner you are no better that the person that opposes you. Put them to work - that's probably why these criminals do what they do, they have no direction, purpose, or sense of fulfillment in life. I do not want to become the thing I hate. Every thing hidden will be revealed, everything done in darkness cannot escape the light of life. I have learned this lesson in life and I am not in favor of a death penalty. He that is without sin, cast the first stone.... Remember, Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven; but, if the light that is in you be darkness, how great is the darkness therein.

Wednesday, January 10 | Report this
William Osborne

This vote is a sad reminder of how Taos has changed as a community.

Saturday, January 13 | Report this