Peaches lost, found, visits Alamosa then returns


Peaches is a very lucky Chihuahua dog. Not only does her family care for her, she was “rescued” by a visitor from Alamosa, Colo., who coordinated with Stray Hearts Animal Shelter to help reunite the pet with her human family.

The following is a true story as told by Abbey Maestas, of Taos, and Amelia Quirico, of Alamosa. On July 11, Peaches, a Chihuahua, somehow got out of the car she was riding in with Maestas’ daughter Marlette Tejada, her friend Santiago Vásquez, among others while they were enroute to the mountains.

“Peaches loves going to the mountains,” said Vásquez.

Marlette Tejada was babysitting Peaches for her brother Juan Tejada, who works in Santa Fe. When they realized Peaches was not in the car, they went back to Taco Bell to look for her. Peaches was nowhere to be seen. Marlette Tejada and Vásquez felt awful.

Meanwhile, Quirico had been visiting Taos with her daughter, Aspen, who plays violin with Mariachi Las Encantadoras. Little did she know she was to become the guardian angel of a lost Chihuahua when they stopped on the way home at Taco Bell.

“I noticed this Chihuahua dog that was terrified, and I could tell she was lost. I called her, and offered a toy moose I had in my car, and she jumped on my lap, playing with the moose,” Quirico said.

Quirico said when nobody at Taco Bell or vicinity claimed or recognized the dog, she decided to take her home and care for her.

After arriving in Alamosa that Saturday, she called Stray Hearts, but the office was closed. In the mean time, the lost Chihuahua had become acquainted with Quirico’s pet Chihuahua, Oliver.

They played together, although Oliver, older and fatter, couldn’t always keep up. Quirico decided that if she couldn’t connect with the little dogs owners, she would keep her, and had started calling her Taco, since she had found her at Taco Bell.

Then, Quirico had to leave town to help her mom in Denver. Marlette Tejada in the mean time had called 911, and the dispatcher recommended she call Stray Hearts, which she did.

But no Chihuahua matching Peaches description had been turned in by Animal Control. Quirico continued to call Stray Hearts after returning from helping her mother.

The folks at Stray Hearts told her Maestas had called reporting a lost Chihuahua. Quirico continued, “I called them and asked for a description, explained I where I had found her, and was taking care of her. Everything matched, so we agreed to meet about half way between Alamosa and Taos. They met near Antonito, Colo., Friday (July 17), and Quirico said, “when the dog saw them, she right away started crying and wagging her tail, and was so happy to see them. I knew then she belong with them. I cried, it was such an emotional reunion.”

“We all cried together, and Peaches was so happy,” Maestas said. “She even jumped back in Amelia’s car, kissed her, and gave her a little love bite on her hand.”


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