My Turn: Keep up the good work!


Anyone familiar with Taos County is familiar with the contractor Los Amigos ERC. I spent a long and grueling six-week search for a roofing contractor that led no where. I had been speaking with roofing contractors in Taos, Española, and Santa Fe.

I had even contacted Habitat for Humanity but they inferred that the waiting list would be very long and that my chances for assistance would be uncertain at best.

Finally, Señor Jaramillo (from HSD Taos) sent me the paper work to qualify for a low income residential roof repair with Los Amigos. My corrugated tin roof over the past five years was giving in. It had already destroyed 30 percent of my electrical outlets, killed the propane heater, and made it difficult to keep the wood stove apparatus safe and up to code.

Good neighbors had done what they could with tar patches and the removal of some rusty nails by replacing them with galvanized roofing screws. My financial resources for home repairs were drained by four days in the ICU in February of this year.

Much to my dismay, when I first called Los Amigos I found out that they no longer held the contract for government funding to assist low income residents of Taos County for emergency home repairs and weatherization. However, the person I spoke with stated that they could possibly help me if I could gather enough money together for materials.

Within a day or two Los Amigos came to my house to assess roof damage. They took pictures inside and out to assess water damage. They went into the attic to assess the damage to the rafters. Then, they showed me everything that needed to be fixed.

That evening the foreman, who I call Anthony, called me with an estimate. Needless to say I couldn’t afford it. It was about $600 out of my range, and I told him so.

It took a day or two but Anthony reworked the plan. He said we could not use new metal; we would have to work with what we had. He then gave me an estimate that I could afford.

The guys were up here in another day or two and the work was completed in about five hours. Just in time I would say. It started raining at 9 o’clock that evening and it rained for hours.

Thank you to Los Amigos ERC for your heart, professionalism, quality of service, attention to safety, and last but not least, the ease of doing business with you. Hang in there and keep up the good work. These things you do will not go unnoticed.

Tori Wyszynski, Ph.D., is a retired psychologist specializing in substance abuse counseling and suicide prevention.  A Taos County resident of seven years, for years she provided service to TriCounty Community Services, Embudo Residential Treatment Center and Santa Fe Recovery.


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