My Turn: Jobs, jobs, jobs


Jobs, jobs, jobs — painted like a thin veneer over the same old Republican platform by every one of their candidates. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

Cut taxes for the top 1 percent and give mega-breaks to corporations whose profits are already tallied in billions. Reduce safety net programs for the disadvantaged. Ravage our remaining wild federal lands for dwindling reserves of fossil fuels and abandon development of renewable energy technology. Reduce funding for public education and Pell Grants that would prepare children of the 99 percent to assume leadership positions.  Decrease protection for our environment and its inhabitants in favor of increasing profit for enormous corporations.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

Increase government invasion of women’s bodies with 19th Century restrictions on their health care choices. Expand defense spending, thus enhancing profit for related industries and preparing for the maiming and death of more Americans. Support a pipeline that would put Middle America and western Canada in danger of massive environmental damage and facilitate even greater profit for energy corporations by shipping North American oil to China.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

Repeal the Affordable Care Act, canceling health insurance for the tens of thousands who depend on its provisions for life-saving health care previously not available to them. Decrease regulations on the financial giants that were responsible for the worldwide Great Recession, that took taxpayer money to bail them out of the mess they created, and that then spent millions on their foreign affiliates and on outlandish bonuses for the executives who started everything in the first place. Pull the Social Security/Medicare rug out from under future senior citizens.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

Mitt Romney’s five-step plan for increasing jobs is: unrestricted extraction of oil, gas and coal (much of which would be shipped overseas); school vouchers (virtually abandoning public education); new international trade agreements (including outsourcing more jobs); massive cuts to federal spending (mainly to safety net programs, education and health care); and increased tax cuts for the wealthy (old, old Republican trickle-down economics) and small business (which includes defense giant Bechtel, major law partnerships, and many billion-dollar Wall street firms).

Republicans promise millions of jobs for victims of the recession, ignoring the fact that none of the above proposals would achieve that, and forgetting that they’ve done everything they could to block job-creating legislation since 2009. All the while repeating their mantra, hoping that voters will not pay attention to what lies beneath.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

Adele E. Zimmermann lives in the village of Rinconada. She is a retired computer programmer and is active in my community. She says she is a fascinated and frequently frustrated observer of the American political process.


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