Letter to the Editor: ‘Putting lipstick on the proverbial pig’


Mitt Romney is caught again with his philosophy showing, and it isn’t pretty! He dresses up his ideas of government’s role to make them attractive to voters, but behind closed doors with the heavy wallets, he lets go with the real Mitt. We then hear that 47 percent of us consider ourselves “victims,” that we depend on Big Brother government for all we need, and we don’t take personal responsibility for our lives.

But sometimes it’s not only the room’s heavy wallets. Even closed doors can leak, and we of the 47 percent, with access to the media, learn about the real Mitt Romney.

Mitt undertook to “clarify” his secretly taped comments, making them more “elegant” but that’s as futile as putting lipstick on the proverbial pig.

Sadly, his words weren’t a slip of Mitt’s lips. That’s how the unscripted Mitt thinks. Times like this let us outsiders see the real Mitt Romney.

Don Goldman

Santa Fe


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