Grama Cuca era un 'Queen Bee'


Una mañana Canutito came out of the bathroom con un tubito de toilet paper vacío in his hand. He put the empty tube de papel sanitario on the table and he told Grama Cuca, "Grama, ya no tenemos toilet paper en el común."

Grama Cuca dried her hands en un trapo and then she hung the dish cloth from the top de una silla. "We'll have to go get you otro rollo de toilet paper, m'hijo," she said to him. Pero before going to get another roll de papel sanitario, she picked up el tubito vacío from the table and she tried to balance it arriba de su cabeza just like a crown.

Canutito thought que era muy foneh so he asked her, "What are you doing, grama?"

"I was just remembering algo que hacía when I was a young lady, m'hijo," Grama Cuca replied. "In those days, no teníamos much in our lives to use as beauty products, de manera que usábamos toilet paper tubes to dress our hair." She walked slowly around la mesa de la cocina balanceando el tubito on top of her head como una reina who was wearing su corona.

"How could an empty toilet paper tube serve you como un beauty product, to help to dress su cabello, grama?" Canutito asked her. "Yo no veo anything pretty about it del todo."

"It wasn't always un tubito de toilet paper that we used, m'hijo," Grama Cuca replied. "A veces usábamos jarritos de tomato sauce." She took off the empty tube de la cabeza.

"Why didn't you just use rollers como todas las otras mujeres, grama?" Canutito asked.

"Éramos muy pobres, m'hijo," she replied. "My parents had eight kids y no teníamos mucho dinero to spend de manera que usábamos anything that we could find.

"Pero, how did you use them, grama?" Canutito insisted.

"Well, on Saturday nights, I would balance el empty tube de toilet paper arriba de mi cabeza. Entonces I would wind my hair around it, strand by strand. Cuando tenía dos o tres strands, una de mis hermanas would super spray it in place. Then I would wind dos más strands around them and my sister los sprayaba otra vez. We repeated este proceso hasta que in about an hour, ya tenía el perfect shape de un bee hive. Entonces I would pull out el tubito de toilet paper straight up and walk around con mi new bee hive hairdo with a round hole on top de todo el cabello."

"That sounds como que era una cosa way cool, grama!" Canutito exclaimed. Con un bee hive hair do arriba de la cabeza you must have looked como la Queen Bee herself!"

"It was, m'hijo," Grama Cuca hesitated, "nomás que some girls were afraid de usar un bee hive hairdo porque alguien saltó la volada que una spider had crawled into the hive hole on top una noche while she slept y esa araña had laid her eggs in there."

"Really, grama?" Canutito asked in shock. "Did someone really let out a rumor que una spider se metió adentro del agujero on top y puso su huevera allí? That is way too gross!"

"The problem con esa historia, m'hijo," continued Grama Cuca, es que no one remembers qué pasó next. Some reported que the spider eggs hatched y que la muchacha lived con baby arañitas crawling up and down her neck toda la vida or that toda la huevera had never hatched a causa de todo el hair spray que tenía and some said que a resultas de eso, the girl had died. Yo no sé."

"That is the creepiest hairdo story que I have ever heard," Canutito sighed. "It would have made more sense si una familia de avispas had moved into the hive!" Grama smiled ...


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