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Auditors found a slew of irregularities and lax record keeping when reviewing the finances of the Taos Municipal Schools this year. Sounds dodgy. But does this really affect a kid in class? Should this sort of thing worry parents?

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The spring breakers are in town to enjoy the great snow at Taos Ski Valley. We bet they will also be telling the folks back home about our epic potholes.

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Two bills introduced to the legislature propose creating a task force to study whether it makes sense to transfer control of federal lands to the state. We can save the state lots of time and money. It doesn’t.

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Week after week, we see a town government that can’t focus. The ongoing plots to fire the town manager, and the equally petty political theater meant to counter those attacks, are exhausting.

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We are huge proponents of an open and a participatory government. But we also support an efficient government, and frankly that is not happening at Taos Town Council meetings.

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In the Taos School Board election’s only race Feb. 3, we endorse incumbent David Chávez for re-election in District 4.

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While fear of the taxman might be the root of this movement, we hope it blossoms into a community-wide effort to revive agriculture in ways that bridge generations and cultures.

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