Let me be the first to welcome Ken Scarborough to The Taos News by saying that he is just plain wrong when he writes that Obamacare  “... is an attack on the right of each and every one of us to believe or not believe as our personal moral construct dictates,” — quite the opposite.

Catholics are under no obligation to use their insurance coverage to obtain birth control or to have an abortion. And, that portion of the insurance is specifically not paid for by the employer.

Coverage for contraception is, by law, to be offered at no additional charge by the insurance companies.

What the law actually does is to prohibit employers, including catholic charities, hospitals and universities (churches are exempt) from dictating their morals to their employees (many of whom are not Catholics) by preventing them from obtaining coverage that they have every right to have.

That protects all citizens from being controlled by the religious ideology of their employer.

Sounds like a good idea to me. I’m looking forward to your columns, Ken.

Danny Kovacs

Ranchos de Taos

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The insurance provided to the employee is paid for by the employer and the employee. The insurance companies don't provide "free" stuff. The price for that "free" birth control is folded into the price the employer must pay under their contract.

Seriously, does anyone really think that "free" stuff they're lining up for doesn't come at a price? When the government issues a "mandate" to a business that they provide X, the cost is always passed to the consumers. Insurance companies are no different. The Obama administration is using this dictate to force employers to subsidize their employees "free" birth control.