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Editorial: The economics of a faltering tradition

Ultimately, money talks. And this, Taoseños, is what has led to the slow death of the acequia culture, tradition and heart of Taos.

Editorial: Short-term rental fee a good move

Taos has an affordable housing crisis.

Editorial – Council: check the rules

Was the March 19 vote to appoint Rick Bellis as the town of Taos manager legal?

Editorial: Painting with poetry

A picture may be worth a 1,000 words, but poetry can paint a picture. Poetry is art, where words evoke mental images for the reader or listener—of seas and mountains, of giants and …

Editorial: Celebrate the RGDN

Public lands, like democracies, need public participation to survive and thrive.This Saturday (March 23), the public has an opportunity to pitch in and help the much loved Río Grande del Norte …

Letter: RCLC meeting worth attending

On Thursday, April 5, The Taos News published a “My Turn” informing its readers about an important public meeting that was scheduled for the following morning, April 6, by the Regional …

Letter: Help the planet, give up meat

April 22 marks the 50th observance of Earth Day. Each of us can celebrate by reducing our use of cars, use of electric energy, and consumption of animals. That’s right. Last Fall Oxford …

Letter: Moving forward after incident

I wish to thank my esteemed colleague, SOMOS Poetry Month Curator Ariana Kramer, for her courteous and thoughtful letter of explanation and regret concerning the unfortunate prop gun display by an …

Letter: Cultural activism begins here

When we walk, we have a slower pace and have more time to absorb our surroundings. There was a large number of mini alcohol bottles.

Letter: Pesticides harmful to dogs, other animals

Recently, I have learned again that bee populations around Taos are diminishing at an alarming rate. And, I see that the shelves in Taos hardware stores are fully stocked with Roundup and other toxic …

Letter: Exploration in art deserves forethought

As curator of the Mix & Match: Fools for Poetry event held April 1 as part of the SOMOS celebration of National Poetry Month, I was quite surprised and shocked to see a stage prop gun used by one …

Letter: Fake gun not appropriate

I was appalled at the uncalled for, senseless, shocking and utterly inappropriate menacing display of a very real-appearing large black pistol...

Letter: Opposed to Pearce for governor

This is the first of what will be many letters about Steve Pearce’s run for governor of New Mexico.

Letter: Are we winning yet?

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said; “I love your Christ. I love your Christianity. It’s your Christians that I find...

Letter: Misinformation on bighorn hunting

Both of the most recent “My Turn” letters have included half-truths and misinformation.

Letter: Native predators lacking

While I appreciate the love of bighorn sheep...

Letter: Deep thanks to local police

A friend recently experienced a medical emergency in Taos, and one of the duties that fell to me was to move his vehicle to his home. I want to thank Taos Police …
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Opinion: Fire funding overhaul a major victory for forest communities

Many of us in New Mexico are fortunate to have a national forest right outside our backyard.

Opinion: What happened to morality and ethics in politics?

Morality and ethics in politics? Is this such an oxymoron that they can't be fused? Confused at best.

Opinion: Thanks to those protecting the Río Grande

I arrived in Taos last year after graduating from the University of New Mexico and have been working as an Americorps VISTA volunteer for a local nonprofit, Rivers & Birds.

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