Village of Questa officials are urging residents to completely turn off the faucets in their homes and businesses temporarily following the repair of a water line break Thursday (Jan. 3).

Jim Fambro, Questa Village Administrator told The Taos News that earlier Thursday an outside contractor broke a water line.

The break has been repaired but the system can't pressurize because many have faucets open to keep pipes from freezing.

Fambro asks all residents shut the faucets completely and wait one hour, then try and see if the water is back on. If not, close the faucet again and recheck every half hour.

If you have questions, you can contact the Village of Questa at 575-586-0694.

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We still do not have water service restored as of 9:30 PM. Crews are still out working to restore water service to our Village. Please be patient with us, our guys are working very hard in impossible conditions to get water back available to our citizens. Special thanks to Kit Carson Electric and Super Save for providing us with over a 100 cases of water to get to the people who are in need. We will be calling those of you who called us earlier to come to the Village Hall to pick up water. Thank you for the many people who are out freezing and trying to restore service. Village Hall # 586-0694. Thanks, Jim Fambro, Village Administrator, Questa

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