When Lisa Pierce took over the Taos Sears store in July 2007, it became her fourth Sears store. In the last 7 years, she has developed thriving locations in Cortez, Gallup, and Durango. In her 25 years in business, her mission has never varied. She has always tried to find out what the local community needs and provide it to the best of her ability. She says, “Sears is committed to a business model that closely matches mine. They provide excellent quality products, lots of options and satisfaction guaranteed. I wouldn’t want to work with a company that offered any less.”  Lisa also mentioned that Sears has a policy of matching prices, and if you buy an item at Sears and then bring in a price from another local store, they will not only match the price, but give you an additional 10% of the difference.

In Taos, Sears has a local team of employees who are all as dedicated to customer service as the corporate model demands. Manager, Josie Lopez, has been serving Sears customers with a smile for over six years, four in Espanola and two in Taos. She knows her products and her customers, and she does a great job bringing them together. Lori Estep is new to Sears but has ten years of retail customer service experience. Dee Martinez has worked for the Taos Sears as long as anyone can remember. The store opened 15 years ago. There are three warehouse and delivery employees to take good care of your purchases, Shawn Arpin, Juan Gomez and James Duran.

When the new owners evaluated what Taos customers needed and wanted, they expanded their stock so that items could be bought and delivered or picked up immediately. They work with a lot of construction contractors, and offer an excellent range of water and energy efficient appliances, including washers and dryers, stoves and refrigerators. Lisa says, “The people in Taos are very environmentally conscious, so we try to provide options that meet their specifications.” One loyal customer said he has been shopping at various Sears locations since the 1960s.

In other departments, you can find a great selection of exercise equipment, electronics, home entertainment items, and big screen and flat panel TVs, all big sellers during Christmas. One recent customer said he wouldn’t buy his tools anywhere else. He said Craftsman tools are the best, and this small Sears has just the right ones he needs for Taos. Another gentleman was thrilled with his purchase of a new snow blower, and that’s understandable with the amount of snow we’ve had this year. Other lawn and garden items are about to arrive just in time for spring. Lisa noted that each store is different, and they stock them according to local needs and wants.

Most older people remember the Sears and Roebuck catalogs of their youth, but there’s a new wrinkle for this modern age. Anything Sears sells can be ordered online from http://Sears.com">Sears.com and shipped to your local store for pickup - free of charge. In a remote town like Taos, this can save you a lot of money. This was just launched last November, and it has been a huge success.

If just being a good store is not enough, Sears is also committed to being a good neighbor and giving back to the community. They participate in food drives, contribute to homeless shelters, and donate appliances and other items for home renovations for the needy. The Taos store also donates door prizes to civic groups, schools and churches, and they are particularly supportive of kids, sports and education. Shopping at a community focused store is just good sense.

You can contact the Taos Sears staff at (575) 758-8618. The store is located at 710 Paseo Del Pueblo in the Cruz Alta shopping center south of Albertson’s and next to Family Dollar.


According to the Sears Archives website, while the earliest catalogs featured only watches and jewelry, the new Sears and Roebuck, by 1895, was producing a 532-page catalog with many other items. This book offered shoes, women's garments and millinery, wagons, fishing tackle, stoves, furniture, china, musical instruments, saddles, firearms, buggies, bicycles, baby carriages and glassware. (http://www.searsarchives.com/history/history1980s.htm">http://www.searsarchives.com/history/history1980s.htm)

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