I've hiked to the top of Lobo Peak about 10 times, and only once before have I seen another person on top. Then came last Sunday (Sept. 30), when we had a veritable workplace reunion at 12,100 feet.

I invited Taos News sports editor Cody Olivas and special sections editor Andy Jones to join me in a Columbine-Hondo hike. I wanted to get pictures of aspens, mainly, as well as some exercise.

Cody slept late, so he missed out. But Andy was up to the task. We hit the Italianos trailhead around 10 a.m.

Once we reached the Lobo Ridge and started heading toward the peak, the views started to open up. We paused to take some photos, and we started to hear the voices of hikers headed our way. We were somewhat surprised to run into Taos News advertisers Shane Atkinson and Jared Wilson about 1.5 miles from Lobo Peak.

When we got to the top, there was another pair already there - though they had come from another direction and didn't work for the newspaper. It was a beautiful day to be on the peak. Some clouds loomed over Wheeler Peak, miles away, but they didn't blow toward us. We took some more photos and headed down, getting back to the car as the sun started to dip behind the ridge.

There's no easy way up Lobo, so I was impressed to see a half-dozen people at the summit. But when the fall colors are as vibrant as they were last week, it's worth the work it takes to get the best views available.

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