The Taos County Bureau of Elections has released the unofficial results of Tuesday's (Feb. 5) school elections.

The unofficial results are as follows:

In Taos' District 3, Mark Flores II earned 171 votes to Denise Walker's 35.

In Taos' District 5, James Sanborn earned 335 votes to Israel Padilla's 213 and Kristen Torres' 173.

In Questa's Position 4, Jose Lovato earned 551 votes to Mathew Ortega's 213.

In Questa's Position 6, Bernie Torres earned 295 votes, David Zimmerman 240 and Daryl Ortega 219.

In Questa's Position 2, Rosaline Ortega earned 514 votes to Paul Martínez' 235.

Joel Flory, who ran unopposed for Questa's Position 5, earned 573 votes.

In Peñasco's Position 1, Juliet García-Gonzáles earned 381 votes to Norma Gonzales' 242. Mary Mascareñas and Audrey Medina, who ran unopposed, earned 413 votes and 385 votes, respectively.

On the re-imposition of a two-mill levy for school facilities, Questa voters cast 461 votes in favor and 227 votes against. Taos voters cast 1,120 ballots in favor of the tax and 277 against. In Peñasco, the re-imposition failed, with 325 voters casting ballots against it and 276 in favor.

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The Oracle
The Oracle

In Questa the days of bickering, fighting, and bringing shame to our community are now over.

My fellow citizens of Questa have spoken. The ouster has been a success and now the focus can return to what this is really about: The students in our schools![tongue_smile]

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