A local protester was the victim of some backlash last weekend when some Taos motorists began stealing his signs from the side of the road.

Taos Police Chief Kenneth Koch told The Taos News Tuesday (March 5) that local protester Jeff Northrup had many of his signs stolen both Saturday (March 2) and Sunday (March 3).

Koch said the incident was first reported Saturday around 7 p.m., when Northrup reported and eyewitnesses saw a man in a pickup truck collecting Northrup’s some 15 signs from Paseo del Pueblo Sur.

“It sounds like Mr. Northrup left the signs and an individual pulled up in a truck and began throwing the signs in the back,” Koch said.

A witness reported the truck’s license plate number to the police and Koch said officers were still investigating the theft.

The same evening, Northrup also complained to police that a few signs appeared in front of Casa los Córdovas restaurant with slogans such as “Jeff find a hobby” and “Jeff sore loser, felon, obsessed.”

“Mr. Northrup stated he was concerned about the sign that stated he was a crook and a felon,” the incident report reads. “I advised Mr. Northrup the signs put up by the other party were not committing any crimes.”

The report did not specify who put up the signs.

The problem began again Sunday, but this time Koch said Northrup witnessed men in a pick up truck taking nine signs for the side of the road and left the scene.

Officers later pulled the truck over and cited the three occupants for larceny, but Koch said the issue will be referred to a judge for review.

“We need a competent authority on whether this is a crime or not,” Koch said.

The problem is that the three men found with Northrup’s signs contested that because Northrup’s signs are set up in a public right-of-way, anyone could remove them.

“Their counter argument was that they were in the public right-of-way, they considered them litter and saw their actions as performing a public service,” Koch said.

Koch said the case would likely be reviewed in Taos Municipal Court.

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" Northrup also complained to police that a few signs appeared in front of Casa los Córdovas "

Why, I'm just shocked!


Darren needs to reign in his posse.


So defamation of Northrup's character is not a crime. Stealing his personal property is not a crime. Hmmm... sounds like Darren is behind all of this. Hopefully the judge allows this to go to court, as it's pretty darn clear it's a personal vendetta.


Grow up ... all of you.


There is alot more to the story! A video of the incident was taken by Jeff showing that the suspects tried to run him over. It was presented to the DA's Office by the Sheriff's Dept and were told that there was no crime. Huh! It's all on video! And it's funny how they didn't release the name of the suspects! Maybe it's because he is a local business owner and friend of Darren who has a daughter that DJ's at his bar. Taos News you need to look into this further because the Taos Police is not giving you all the facts! It's all on video! Ask Jeff I am sure he can get you a copy


In this country one voice is important. If government uses forces to put down the voice of one, it puts down the voice of everyone.

You might not like what Jeff says, but you should know that people die everyday in our armed services and the past US armed services to defend his ability to say it.

If bullies can do it under the guise of government, then our government in this town, is a sham. Remember that on election day. Get rid of this town counsel on election day buy using your voice - vote.

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