The town of Taos will issue a request for proposals (RFP) for repurposing its convention center facilities on Civic Plaza Drive.

The Town Council approved a draft RFP at its meeting Tuesday (March 26), with town leaders describing the convention center buildings as expensive and underused.

"This is one of the council's top priorities," town manager Oscar Rodríguez said. "In fact, it is it's top priority."

The RFP lays out requirements for proposals, including that they must demonstrate financial solvency, pay for all operations and maintenance costs, pay for any necessary capital improvements, not request a subsidy from the town, maintain the buildings' architectural integrity and propose a lease not to exceed 20 years.

Weighted preferences are also established, including making space available to the public. Rodríguez said many aspects of the RFP are left open-ended to encourage creative and collaborative proposals. 

"There's a lot of flexibility here," he said.

The town hopes to publish the RFP April 4 and approve an award May 14.

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Marc Coan
Marc Coan

Dear Town Manager:

Please don't allow retail there. Pretty, please? We're having a hard enough time surviving with our permanently declining visitor traffic. Yet, often, you see these kinds of spaces getting turned into indoor malls or flea markets. I know you're desperate, but show some class...and some respect for those honest businesses who collect the GRT that pays your salary.

-Mr. & Mrs. Business Owner