Taos County has reportedly moved money from its general fund to shore up the EMS budget.

“We’re at about 62 percent on that,” county manager Stephen Archuleta said Monday (Feb. 25). “Our budget is $1.7 million per year.”

Archuleta said he appointed Chris Medina as an interim EMS director, after Andrew Pollis was let go recently.

“Part of what I saw, our EMS overtime budget was through the roof,” Archuleta said.

Archuleta said that a variety of problems led to the decision, including that he was unable to get budgetary projections from Pollis.

“I started asking those questions and I had to let him go,” Archuleta said.

In order to get the department back on track, Archuleta says the county is using casual employees to avoid cutting time EMTs spend in Peñasco and Questa.

“We haven’t come to that yet,” Archuleta said of the potential cutbacks. “We didn’t know how Peñasco was going to affect us. We are also in the process of figuring out our peak times for calls in the area. A little management goes a long way.”

In the meantime, Archuleta said he and the county are committed to continuing to provide the best services possible.

“Federal funding is drying up. An ambulance service is one of those things that the commission could say is too high and allow the hospital to run it,” Archuleta said. “But we have an obligation to our constituents to make sure we provide professional services.”

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