The Santa Fe Public School District wants to sue the State of New Mexico, and it is asking Taos for help.

At a Taos Municipal School District meeting on Tuesday night (Aug. 13), Santa Fe School Board President Linda Trujillo said the state is not providing adequate funding to give New Mexico's children a sufficient education. She said children are guaranteed this per the state's constitution, and that this is therefore grounds to sue the state.

Trujillo said inadequate funding means that her district can't afford to hire quality teachers. She said teachers can't afford to live in Santa Fe on what the state is able to pay them.

Taos schools superintendent Rod Weston said Taos has an identical problem.

Trujillo has been traveling to districts around the state and asking them to join Santa Fe in suing the state of New Mexico. She said her district has pledged $100,000 for the cause, and is asking other districts to contribute financially as well, even if they can only give much smaller amounts.

She said school districts in other states have sued their state governments for failure to provide sufficient education to students, and that many have won their suits.

Taos school board members were enthusiastic about this idea.

Board member Mark Flores said that regardless of the outcome, the litigation would send a powerful message to the state.

“Win or lose, at least we are letting them know that we aren't going to live with this anymore,” he said.

For more see this week's edition of The Taos News.

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