Contractors have installed 84 miles of underground fiber optic cable since work on Kit Carson Electric Cooperative’s fiber-to-home project began in mid-June, the co-op says.

Co-op CEO Luís Reyes told The Taos News the pace of underground construction is on track, and installation of overhead fiber optic line is expected to begin Friday (Sept. 14).

Kit Carson was awarded a $64 million grant/loan from the federal government to bring broadband access to everyone in the co-op’s service area. In all, the co-op has 700 miles of underground cable to lay, and another 1,900 miles of overhead instillation.

“Right now, we’re a month ahead of schedule for the entire completion,” Reyes said, noting that winter weather could affect progress in the coming months. Reyes said he hopes to have the network in place by early 2014.

Reyes said progress has been slowed somewhat by the need to restore roads that have been dug up to install cable.

Work has so far been done in the Arroyo Hondo and Angel Fire areas. Reyes said crews would soon be moving to Los Córdovas, the country club area, Questa, Lama and Amalia and the co-op hoped to have broadband Internet access “lit up” in areas where installation was complete by the end of the year. The goal is to bring customers into the system as work progresses in order to begin paying back the $19 million federal loan associated with the project.

Connection and access rates have not yet been announced for Internet providers, including Kit Carson Telecom, TaosNet, Viscom and possibly CenturyLink.

J.R. Logan is a reporter for The Taos News.

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Linda Bence
Linda Bence

How is it that KC says that it will light up areas like the Hondo and AF and/or complete areas and they don't know HOW MUCH they are going to charge? Will whatever they charge be stable or subject to change?

Century Link, my provider has 5-year guaranteed rates of $19.99 a month when you bundle your phone with them. How can they now come back and tell internet/BB customers that they have to charge $9 a month more because of KC? Any, why should Century or any of the other services have to pay to use KC when we are all happy with our present service.

The other services don't charge for installation yet KC is having a raffle for four free $100 installation charges, if you believe the insert in this month's bill.

What is KC's game? Are they trying to see what the market will bear before they sign you up and why are they keeping the charges so secret?


COME ON LINDA!!! Learn to read!! The article says "Connection and access rates have not yet been announced for internet PROVIDERS....". It doesn't say anything at all about consumer charges. I agree, we still don't know what they will be, but then again, NO ONE IS FORCING YOU OR ANYONE ELSE TO CONNECT!! It is simply being made available to everyone. if you don't want it, then DON"T GET IT!! Too many of us are sick and tired of your negative comments about Kit CArson Electric.Leave it alone already!!


As Garrett Morris Reyes would have said on the old SNL, "Public Monopoly been berry, berry good to me."


@ Linda Bence: Apples and Oranges. You will be able to keep your relatively slow Centurylink DSL as long as they offer it. The fiber optics rates will not directly influence it. I think you know this.

Possible you are actually stuck with DSL or have to pay a penalty to switch before your 5-year contract is up.

KC will bring the Fiber Optics line up to your house. All providers will have to make money installing the hardware to connect you to the internet. It will either be a direct charge or incorporated into their rate structure.

I too am curious about how much the providers will charge and wish they would give us some idea. However, I am not upset about KC or anyone else charge "market rates". The rate will have to be set at a reasonable market rate or they won't be able to get enough subscribers.

I hope they are ahead of schedule because I have been worried that they wouldn't be able to finish the job within budget. I wish there was more visibility into program schedules and spend rates.

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