The Taos Municipal School District may re-examine traffic flow at Enos García Elementary School after hearing from a concerned parent Tuesday (April 10).

Enos García Parent Teacher Association representative John Rainey addressed the board at its regular meeting, saying the current traffic situation at the school is “extremely frustrating” and a potential safety hazard.

Rainey said cars are parking in the streets around the school while students are picked up, and a lack of crossing guards due to budget constraints is also contributing to the problem.

“It’s chaos,” he said.

He said some solutions could be implemented at no cost and offered to facilitate a meeting among the school district, the town of Taos and police and fire department representatives.

“Something needs to be done,” Rainey said.

Superintendent Rod Weston and board members said they were supportive of the idea of working with other local entities to address the issue.

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Taos Mom
Taos Mom

Thank you, Mr. Rainey, for going to the board and the superintendent with this issue. I, and MANY other parents are seriouly concerned about this issue but have been met with very little response or cooperation from the principal. I can't believe a student hasn't been injured and the fact that this hasn't been dealt with, is appalling. There are students crossing the street with NO adults helping them. There used to be a crossing guard there, but no longer, and the principal makes an occassional appearance (I may have seen her out there MAYBE a handful of times this year). PLEASE, fix this!


Ask the police to do their job and help out here instead of picking up Northrup's signs.

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