Taos County's lawsuit against the town of Taos over its airport annexation will continue following a ruling by District Judge Jeff McElroy Wednesday (June 26).

The Town Council voted to  annex the regional airport, along with a six-mile "shoestring" along the Highway 64 right of way, in March. It hopes to use resulting tax collections to help fund an airport expansion. The county, El Prado Water and Sanitation District and an El Prado acequia sued the town in an attempt to halt the annexation.

McElroy ruled on the town's motions for summary judgment Wednesday, finding that all three parties had standing to bring the suits. County manager Stephen Archuleta said he was pleased with the ruling and hopes the town and county can work together.

Town attorney Brian James said he is "very encouraged" that McElroy's ruling narrows the focus of the case and hopes it moves along quickly. McElroy said he will be looking at whether the statute used to annex is constitutional and whether the town followed the proper steps in its annexation.

For more information, read The Taos News July 3.

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Does the county or the El Prado Water and Sanitation District have any plans (or desire) to expand the airport? I doubt it. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. In this case, the opposition should get out of the way.


While I generally agree with "lead, follow, or get out of the way," in this case the problem seems to be that "the way" is a plan narrowly tailored to cause the County to lose much-needed and currently-well-administered tax revenues along the "shoestring." Its a shameless land- and power-grab by the town and should, I beleive, be resisted by the county. My concern is that the legal objection was not well-written and will cause the county to lose.


From what I have read I believe the county does desire to expand the airport, and does have plans to that end. I strongly support the county against the town on all the outstanding issues between them in any case. The annexation is as bizarre and unnecessary as the command center boondoggle.


Mayor Cordova seeks to merge cronyism with that of public safety. Specifically the Mayor wants to pay corporate welfare to Luis Reyes’s, speculative venture of building without guarantees of occupancy. The Mayor’s clumsy attempt to increase revenue on two fronts, library fees and airport annexation illuminates his arrogance and ignorance of the public’s best interest.

In fact the Mayor endangers public safety by ignoring and punishing the County, and its citizens for their rightful concern about protecting the public’s best interest.

In the long run, the County is better off investing in its own communications center. To condone this sordid deal, what will be the lease’s terms in the future? KCEC will by then be dictating the terms of the public’s interests--how absurd. Apparently the tail wags the dog only in the town not the county.

Mayor Cordova is a man in full and his unchecked arrogance is to the detriment of us all. Simply observe all the exorbitant costs, and animosity to solely accommodate KCEC’s poor business decision. Ultimately, Mayor Cordova’s legacy is not good, for he needs to be reminded that the public’s best interest is his only duty, not corporate welfare or cronyism.