Taos artist Inger Jirby celebrates three milestones this week as both and artist and art gallery owner. To do that, she is opening a major retrospective of her art titled “Expressions in New Mexico,” a show that celebrates 50 years of painting, 30 years in Taos, and 15 years of Inger Jirby Gallery.

The exhibition opened Saturday (Sept. 22) at Inger Jirby Gallery, 207 Ledoux St. The exhibit and celebration continues through Nov. 26. Admission is free.

Jirby began painting as a young child “and hasn’t stopped since,” a press release states. “She has kept her art vital by continually searching for new subject matter. She follows the seasons in New Mexico, especially Taos.”

Jirby says in a prepared statement, “New Mexico is ideal for an artist, it has an immense variety of landscapes, goes from 5,000 to 10,000 feet, and all the different vegetations and formations in between.”

She came to New Mexico 30 years ago and says, “Taos is my last stop, and home base until the end of my life.”

Inger’s paintings are said to evoke the Northern New Mexico landscape with “warm, vivid colors. She is a brilliant colorist.”

Recently, she came back from a trip to St. Barts only to find a dear friend was on the verge of dying. On top of that her St. Barts’ watercolors were stolen from her car. From these misfortunes she vowed to paint everything that was dear to her, especially in her inspirational Taos, the release states.

Jirby immediately embarked upon an Alyce Frank series. She and Frank, a well-known fellow Taos painter, are friends and have painted together a few times.

Her large painting “Alyce Frank’s Morada in Arroyo Hondo” is said to be “not only captivating as it glimpses a part of Alyce’s life, but it also evokes a deep feeling of belonging and friendship. All the paintings in the new show are remarkable, but the Alyce series is astounding.”

Born in Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle, Jirby studied in Stockholm, Mykonos for Luis Orozco, Paris, Venice, New York, and “still continues pushing the limits in each painting, never getting into any formulas, always open to new color compositions, linear compositions, and new themes that have deep meaning for her.”

She opened her Inger Jirby Gallery on Ledoux Street 15 years ago, and “much of its success, besides the quality of her art and that of the other artists she represents, is due to her collectors who have the rare chance of interacting with her and hearing stories about her art and art journeys first hand.

For more call (575) 758-7333 or email jirby@newmex.com. Visit www.jirby.com.

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