Have you ever wanted to be a model? Do you have a particularly interesting, wild or quirky outfit that you want to strut in? If so, there is a perfect opportunity to showcase your apparel — and yourself.

Street fashion has become a new trend, a democratic runway. In sync with this international movement for self-expression and fun, a Harajuku Style Fashion Monster Party will take place on Saturday (Sept. 28) from 2-5 p.m. at Taos Plaza.

DJ OppaSan will play the latest pop and rock music from Japan and Korea. Local hairdressers, makeup artists and photographers will be there to help models and those who want to participate.

Harajuku is a Japanese form of pop culture fashion that features different looks, from elegant gothic “Lolita,” punky kawaii (cute), to Cosplay inspired by anime and Japanese rock groups.

“With all the negativity in America, fun must be the antidote; so after Sandy Hook I was inspired to do something that was fun, a fashion-oriented event that everyone could participate in, especially young people,” said Taos glass artist Michael Miro, who conceived the idea with up-and-coming Taos clothing designer Celina Porter.

“I am very fond of Japanese fashion,” said Porter, who is also an esthetician and owns Yamina Day Spa. “In fact, I went to school for fashion design and I have always been attracted to it.”

When Miro saw some of Porter’s designs at a fashion show last December at Lenny Foster’s Living Light Gallery, he was so impressed that he invited her to work with him.

The Harajuku Style Fashion Monster Party is partly the result of this collaboration.

“The goal of the Harajuku fashion party is to inspire originality and allow everyone to feel like a fashion model for a day,” Miro said. “We want people to come out in all their individual beauty and color.”

Diana Rogers, owner of “hair” salon, is one of the hairstylists who will give a professional touch to the participating models’ hair and make-up. “It can be very theatrical,” she said. “We don’t really know what to expect because this is not an organized event, but I think it is going to be huge.”

“Street fashion is the personal creation of individuals,” Miro said, “so layered, mismatched clothes along with outlandish accessories, wild hair and makeup will abound.”

“It is art for the fun of it!” said his wife, hairstylist Heather Miro.

The public is invited to wear whatever they want, but the hope is they will be in the spirit of the event and dress up a little bit. “Fashion Day on the Plaza is like a Halloween party in the light of day, without the ghouls and zombies,” said Miro.

Most likely, there will be flash mobs and wild spontaneous “happenings,” but only a few things have been planned in advance. “We will have a ‘Fashion Walk’ Harajuku-style around Taos to say hello to all the businesses that work to make people more beautiful and stylish,” Porter said.

There will also be a “walk through” on the Plaza gazebo for anyone showing off their style. After that, a group picture will be taken, later posted on fashion sites around the world. At 4 p.m. is a competition for the best and most original styles. “If we can get donations for awards, the winners will receive a prize,” Miro said. “We also plan to create a video of the fashion walk and put it up on YouTube to share with people around the world who are creating the same kind of events.”

This is quite an unconventional show. There is no effort to raise money, since the goal is building support and participation by word of mouth and social networking.

“The only thing that is going to happen is what people want to make happen,” Miro said. “This is a DIY event and success depends on if people want to show up.”

Ashley Cloutman of Taos Fiber Arts said, “Art is everywhere here so this is the perfect place for a street fashion party. Art on!”

Clothing boutiques can dress someone up in their favorite fashion. “Hairstylists can do amazing wild hairdos,” Porter said. “Makeup artists can transform someone into a superstar. Dance groups can join us. Most of all, everyone can come in their own style. Street fashion is whatever people want to it to be.”

Harajuku Fashion Monster Party is supported by Taos Arts Council and Taos Arts & Cultural District. See facebook.com/pages/Fashion-Day-on-the-Plaza/470275926395520

Miro glass at El Monte

Taos artist Michael Miro will debut a new series of works in glass titled ”Kabukimono - To Deviate” in an exhibition that will open with a reception Sunday (Sept. 29) from 2-5 p.m., in the Grand Bohemian Gallery at El Monte Sagrado Resort, 317 Kit Carson Road.

At the reception there will be a fashion show by Taos clothing designer Celina Porter who will be presenting new Korean inspired fashion designs called ”From Hanbok to K-Pop.”

The Miro exhibition will continue through Nov. 1, 2013.

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